Court of Appeals Free Appellate CLE Course

CLE curriculum featuring six one-hour appellate CLE videos to replace state/national CLEs that were postponed/canceled due to the pandemic.

The Court of Appeals has assembled this course as a substitute for the many state and national appellate CLE programs typically offered every year. Many of these programs were postponed or canceled in 2020. This created problems both for attorneys working towards the CLE requirements to sit for the State Bar appellate practice specialization exam, and for attorneys who simply want to maintain their appellate knowledge and skill.

We are offering this free CLE program between now and the end of February 2021 at no charge to licensed North Carolina attorneys. Among the six CLE videos is a one-hour ethics credit and a one-hour technology credit. Some of the videos are available immediately but others are still in production and will be posted later this month.

Getting CLE credit for these six course videos is easy:

  1. Select the video and click on it to view it on your computer or mobile device.
  2. After watching the entire video, click the link below the video to access the course attendance form.
  3. Complete the form, or respond to the questions in the text of an email, and send to
  4. You will receive an email confirming that the Court submitted your attendance to the State Bar.

Course 1 – Emerging Issues in Appellate Practice


Course 2 – Applied Legal Writing: Practical Writing Tips for Appeals


Course 3 – Effective Oral Argument: Contrasting Appellate and Trial Strategies


Course 4 – Ethical Issues on Appeal –
A Conversation with the Judges


Course 5 – Technology in the Appellate Courts:
E-filing and Remote Oral Argument


Course 6 – Advanced Appellate Practice and Procedure