Court’s decision in a case and explanation written by a justice(s) or judge(s) of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, or Business Court.

29,432 Opinions

, Court of Appeals , COA18-522 , Unpublished
In re: M.M.S.W.

Jurisdiction; Standing; Parental Rights

, Court of Appeals , COA17-1395 , Unpublished
In re; K.B.

Involuntary commitment; Findings of fact

, Court of Appeals , COA18-483 , Unpublished
Lampkins v. N.C. Dep't of Pub. Safety

Workers' compensation; public employee; injury by accident; normal work routine; any competent evidence.

, Court of Appeals , COA18-82 , Published
McKenzie v. Charlton

respondeat superior, employee versus independent contractor status, right to control

, Court of Appeals , COA18-95 , Published
Rea v. Rea

alimony, marital misconduct

, Court of Appeals , COA17-1360 , Published
Routten v. Routten

Parent's constitutional right; care, custody and control of a child; electronic communication, NCGS 50-13.2(e); court-ordered visitation; attorney's fees and alimony; unchallenged findings; ignoring precedents, In re Civil Penalty, 324 N.C. 373 91989)

, Court of Appeals , COA18-340 , Unpublished
State v. Applewhite

Post-conviction DNA testing; ex parte hearing

, Court of Appeals , COA17-1364 , Unpublished
State v. Arrington

Murder, character evidence, prejudicial error, duplicative evidence, unduly prejudicial

, Court of Appeals , COA17-1419 , Unpublished
State v. Bethea

Investigatory Stop; Probable Cause; Reasonable Suspicion.

, Court of Appeals , COA18-467 , Unpublished
State v. Brown

Granted petition for writ of certiorari, assistance of counsel, waiver of counsel

, Court of Appeals , COA18-286 , Published
State v. Cole

Driving while impaired; motion to dismiss indictment for lack of jurisdiction; motions to suppress evidence; tainted fruit of the poisonous tree; implied-consent rights; using prior DWI convictions while it was pending on appeal to enhance sentence

, Court of Appeals , COA17-1267 , Unpublished
State v. Darosa

motion to continue and substitute counsel; right to counsel; sixth amendment

, Court of Appeals , COA18-274 , Unpublished
State v. Dukes

Exigent Circumstance.

, Court of Appeals , COA18-326 , Unpublished
State v. Flores

restitution damages, assault, independent intervening act

, Court of Appeals , COA18-90 , Unpublished
State v. Frazier

evidence, relevance, impairment

, Court of Appeals , COA18-306 , Unpublished
State v. Game

clerical error