Civil Remote Hearings - District Court Arbitrations (Suite 6525)

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All matters shall be heard via a Webex hearing. Beginning with the October sessions, all calendars will be published approximately 30 days in advance of the session date. The arbitration notice will consist of the date, time and assigned arbitrator’s name, as well as the meeting link for the arbitration hearing for the parties/attorneys. The meeting link for all arbitrations is Each party and their attorney must sign into the arbitration hearing at their designated time for the hearing. If you are unable to attend by video, you may join via phone by calling: 1-415-655-0001 Toll free; ACCESS CODE: 126 272 0455.

Notice of hearing will be accompanied by Pre-Arbitration Submission form. This form serves as an outline of discovery and will be shared between the parties at least ten (10) days prior to hearing.

Parties must submit the Pre-Arbitration form and any accompanying documents to by 4:30 PM the day prior to their hearing. ADR Coordinator will compile information and provide it to the Arbitrator the day of the hearing.

Each notice shall contain language advising all parties, or their attorneys, that failure to attend the Webex hearing will not be cause for a continuance and the hearing will move forward as scheduled. The notice shall also include language informing of the process to follow if a reason exists that makes it impossible to participate in a hearing by Webex. The motion for Exemption from Remote Proceeding shall follow the same rules and submission deadlines as a motion for continuance. Upon receipt of such motion, the ADR Coordinator will hold the motion for two days and will rule on the motion upon expiration of the two-day holding period. When an exemption from remote proceeding is granted, the matter will be reset by the ADR Coordinator to a date and time certain for a live session to be held. The ADR Coordinator will file all paperwork with Clerk’s office by Friday following the hearing. The parties will have thirty (30) days from the date of filing to file a Trial De Novo and pay arbitration fees.

Submissions to the Caseflow Management office may resume normal delivery of documents. Please make certain to allow enough time for your documents to be filed, returned to you and subsequently submitted to our office in advance of the deadline assigned.