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Judicial Branch Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2019 – 20 Now Available Online

This year’s Annual Report features noteworthy updates and accomplishments about the component parts and offices of the Judicial Branch.

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The Judicial Branch’s Annual Report for fiscal year 2019 – 20 is now online. This report provides an overview of the Judicial Branch and discusses the successes and unique challenges faced in this fiscal year. The challenges from COVID-19 required us to think creatively about improving the administration of justice in new and innovative ways. As North Carolina’s court system returns to full operations, courthouses have remained open and are taking proactive steps to protect the public and court personnel from the transmission of COVID-19. To that end, court modernization through the deployment of advanced technology and the implementation of the new eCourts initiative became an absolute necessity for court operations.

One fact is clear and is demonstrated throughout the report. It is the strength and resilience of our court staff that form the core of the Judicial Branch. Without our dedicated personnel, we could not fulfill our constitutional role in providing justice for all in the state of North Carolina.

The report and publications are produced pursuant to G.S. 7A-343(8), and are available online at NCcourts.gov. These annual publications are a collaborative effort by offices and courts throughout the Judicial Branch and made possible through project leadership from the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts. Additionally, you may find more detailed 2019 – 20 court statistics and data visualization, including case activity, filings, dispositions, and caseload by county, district, and charge.