Recovery Courts

Learn more about specialty courts designed to help in cases involving chemically dependent offenders.


North Carolina Recovery Courts are designed to assist chemically dependent offenders with their court ordered treatment plans.

Recovery Courts handle chemically dependent individuals in adult criminal court, juvenile, and abuse, neglect and dependency cases. Recovery Courts also serve veterans and people with mental health issues who find themselves in court. The program offers individualized treatment plans which include counseling, supervision, drug testing, sanctions, and incentives for meeting recovery goals.

All Things Judicial Focuses on Brunswick County Recovery Courts - August 2023

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Source: National Drug Court Resource Center

Recovery Courts

Family Drug Treatment Court

Works with parent(s) / guardian(s) who are in danger of losing custody of their children due to abuse or neglect charges.

Adult Drug Treatment Court

To help ensure offenders who are addicted to drugs and / or alcohol receive treatment to become healthy, law abiding community members.

DWI Treatment Court

DWI treatment court helps drug or alcohol dependent offenders change their behavior after being arrested for driving while impaired.

Mental Health Court

Mental Health Court facilitates cooperation between the state mental health system, mental health service providers, and the court.

Veterans Treatment Court

Veterans treatment court helps veterans involved in the justice system due to mental health disorders, trauma, and substance use.

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