Remote Public Access Program

NCAOC offers access to criminal and civil court data.
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The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) offers access to criminal and civil court data in all 100 North Carolina counties through its Remote Public Access Program (RPA). RPA licensees have access to statewide data using NCAOC's RPA Legacy and RPA Cloud systems.

Statutory AuthorityThe North Carolina General Assembly has authorized the NCAOC to enter into non-exclusive contracts with third parties to facilitate remote electronic access to court records by the public. Payments made pursuant to these contracts are deposited in the Court Information Technology Fund to be used for court information technology and office automation needs within the Judicial Branch. The following statutes provide the statutory authority for RPA:

  • G.S. 7A-109(d) and (e) Record-keeping procedures
  • G.S. 7A-343.2 Court Information Technology Fund

Access OptionsRPA offers two options for access to ACIS and VCAP data:

  1. Online access (real-time)
  2. Extracts (bulk data)


If you have any questions, please contact RPA.