Help topics

Find an Attorney

Locate and hire an attorney. In criminal cases only, determine eligibility and the process for obtaining a public defender.

Disability and Special Needs

ADA compliance, request a reasonable accommodation, address physical access needs, and foreign language interpretation services.


Ways to end your marriage or domestic partnership, the requirements for each, and basic information about the court process.

Family and Children

Navigate the process for family-related cases, including custody issues, parental rights, child support, adoption, juvenile delinquency, and more.

Court Records

Learn how to obtain court records, conduct background checks, and expunge criminal records.

Domestic Violence

How to get help, obtain a protective order, and relevant N.C. law.


Foreclosures; ways to resolve landlord / tenant issues including eviction, living conditions, and more.

Jury Service

Find out what to expect when you arrive, how to conduct yourself, and what you need to do when you serve as a juror.

Wills and Estates

What to do after a loss of a friend or family member, claiming inheritance, and N.C. process for probating a will.

Criminal Law

Find out about criminal law, and the complete criminal court process.


Get information on how to become a guardian and what qualifications one must meet to obtain guardianship.