Data and Statistics

Access statistical information on special interest topics and trial court caseloads.

In conjunction with transparency and accountability efforts, the Judicial Branch provides access to data and information online to the general public. The Judicial Branch fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.

Judicial Branch Data Dashboard

Browse and analyze Judicial Branch statistics at the statewide and county level on the data visualization platform.

Civil Reports

Foreclosure Filings

This report displays county-level and statewide counts of foreclosures filings by calendar year.

Criminal / Infraction Reports

Felony Case Activity Report

This report provides county-level and statewide statistics on all felony offenses for the given fiscal year.

Impaired Driving Charges

This report displays county-level and statewide counts of the total number of filed and disposed charges in a given fiscal year that fall into the broad categories of impaired driving and implied consent.

Judicial Branch Publications

Judicial reports, statistics, fact sheets, and more to inform stakeholders and the public on various court-related matters.

Remote Public Access Program

The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) offers access to criminal and civil court data in all 100 North Carolina counties through its Remote Public Access Program (RPA). RPA licensees have access to data in NCAOC's Automated Criminal/Infractions System (ACIS) and Civil Case Processing System (VCAP). Learn more or begin the licensing process.