Juror Appreciation Month

North Carolina celebrates jurors all year and sets aside July as Juror Appreciation Month.

The month of July is  Juror Appreciation Month in the North Carolina Judicial Branch.  Juror Appreciation Month recognizes the importance of jury service to the community.

Jury service allows citizens to directly participate in the administration of justice and provides a critical safeguard in a system dedicated to fair and impartial justice.

Chief Justice Paul Newby

The Sixth and Seventh Amendments to the United States Constitution and Article I, Sections 24 and 25 of the North Carolina Constitution give a person the right to a trial by a jury. Each North Carolina citizen who serves as a juror helps us adhere to the fundamental constitutional principles of our state and nation. Juror Appreciation Month is an opportunity to educate the public and to help raise awareness of the importance of jury service, while extending our appreciation to the many citizens who devote their time to the Judicial Branch and to our system of justice. 

Juror Appreciation Month is celebrated in North Carolina in July each year. During this time,  county courthouses in all 100 counties are encouraged to celebrate and thank their jurors in some special way. Participation in Juror Appreciation Month is voluntary and some judicial districts will host events during the month to celebrate and thank their jurors.