RPA Prospective Licensees and Access Options

NCAOC offers online remote access to and data extract files of criminal and civil case information.

Online Access

The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) offers online remote access to both criminal and civil information from all 100 North Carolina counties. Individuals can conduct real-time, statewide criminal background checks. NCAOC Remote Public Access is currently transitioning from our mainframe RPA Legacy system to a new RPA Cloud-based system (also called Odyssey). As counties go-live in the new RPA Cloud, they are removed from our RPA Legacy system. Until all 100 counties have transitioned, our customer must access 2 databases in order to receive statewide results.

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Extract Access

NCAOC offers four criminal extracts and four civil extracts. The criminal and civil extracts contain selected fields from our RPA Legacy and RPA Cloud online data.

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Required Information

To begin the licensing agreement process, the following information is required from Prospective Licensees.

Required Information from Prospective Licensees