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Service Options in File & Serve and Proposed Order Submissions

This document shares important guidance for eCourts users.

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This document shares important guidance for eCourts users regarding service functionality in File & Serve, submission of proposed orders for judicial signature, and changes to service under Rule 5 that require attorneys to confirm or update their address of record with the court with the State Bar.

Service Options in File & Serve

The ‘Service Options in File & Serve’ guidance was published November 3, 2023, and describes methods of serving documents through File & Serve. This guidance includes both screenshots and written descriptions of the application’s functionality.   

Proposed Order Submission in Odyssey Counties

The ‘Proposed Order Submission in Odyssey Counties’ guidance was published October 30, 2023. It details best practices and processes for attorneys, parties, and judicial officials to draft, share, and submit proposed orders for judicial signature and filing through File & Serve in Odyssey Counties. 

Reminder: Update “Address of Record with the Court”

The ‘New “Address of Record with the Court”’ guidance was published August 1, 2023. This guidance describes recent legislation that makes significant changes to how attorneys serve and are served under Rule 5 of the Rules of Civil Procedure. This guidance informs attorneys how to update their “Address of Record with the Court” through their profile on the State Bar website.

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