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All Things Judicial Features Interview with Chief Justice Paul Newby and Mrs. Macon Newby

Chief and Mrs. Newby share their experiences visiting all of North Carolina's 100 county courthouses.

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The latest episode of All Things Judicial features an interview with Chief Justice Paul Newby and his wife, Mrs. Macon Newby. The Chief and Mrs. Newby completed a historic 100-county courthouse tour which began in Murphy (Cherokee County) in May 2021, and ended with a final stop in Manteo (Dare County) in October 2022. They greeted judges and courthouse staff at each of the courthouses to thank them for their hard work and dedication in keeping courts operational and accessible to North Carolinians. Judges and courthouse staff are essential in fulfilling the Judicial Branch's constitutional "open courts" mandate to provide equal justice to all in a timely manner.

"This (tour) gave us the opportunity to learn from (judges and courthouse staff). The local courthouses know much better what allows them to efficiently administer justice," Chief Justice Newby said on the podcast. "We have diversity in every way you can imagine, but what we have in common is the desire of all of our judicial official and employees that their be equal justice for all."