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All Things Judicial Honors Veterans Day and United States Armed Forces with Two-Part Series

A useful discussion about legal services available to military personnel in North Carolina courts.

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The All Things Judicial podcast released the first episode in a two-part series today in recognition and appreciation of Veterans Day and the United States Armed Forces. Both episodes are hosted by attorney and North Carolina Army National Guard Captain Tom Murry. In the first episode, Murry is joined by two attorneys with the North Carolina Army National Guard, Captain Katie Reynolds, and Lieutenant J.T. Kinane. They discussed the North Carolina National Guard Legal Assistance Program, Service Members Civil Relief Act, and the North Carolina Service Members Civil Relief Act. 

"While I was deployed, I assisted several soldiers with their immigration process where they actually became U.S. citizens during a deployment and were naturalized at a U.S. embassy by the ambassador," said Murry on the podcast. "That's a pretty awesome experience as an attorney to see these soldiers who have signed-up to serve this country and then become citizens of this country because of that service."

In the episode released today, listeners will hear an enlightening discussion about legal services available to military personnel that judges, prosecutors, and court staff may find useful if they encounter Service Members in court. In the second part of this series to be released in two weeks, Murry will be joined by senior level judge advocate officers in the North Carolina Army National Guard (NCARNG). They have a wide array of experience advising commanders during foreign and domestic military missions and are responsible for managing the judge advocates serving in the NCARNG.