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Governor Roy Cooper Proclaims July as Juror Appreciation Month in North Carolina

Juror Appreciation Month is an opportunity to educate the public and to recognize the importance of jury service to the community.

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Governor Roy Cooper has proclaimed the month of July as Juror Appreciation Month in the state of North Carolina. The proclamation states the purpose of Juror Appreciation Month is to “recognize the importance of jury service to the community.”

“Every day North Carolinians serve as jurors and selflessly perform one of the highest civic duties of the American justice system,” stated Governor Cooper in the proclamation. “Jurors help to ensure fairness, provide sound judgement and make the best determination for their fellow peers.” 

“We set aside this time each year to thank and recognize the thousands of North Carolinians who perform this important service to our courts,” said Supreme Court of North Carolina Chief Justice Cheri Beasley. “Their voice in our system of justice makes it possible for the Judicial Branch to carry out its important mission of administering justice for all.”

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article I, Section 24 of the North Carolina Constitution gives a person charged with a crime the right to a trial by a jury. Most North Carolinians usually come into contact with the Judicial Branch through jury service. Juror Appreciation Month is an opportunity to educate the public and to help raise awareness of the importance of jury service, while expressing our appreciation to the many citizens who devote their time to the Judicial Branch and to our system of justice.

Juror Appreciation Month encourages and equips courts across the state to celebrate. Participation in Juror Appreciation Month activities is voluntary, and some judicial districts will host their own local events throughout the month.

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