Appellate Court Opinions

Court’s decision in a case and explanation written by a justice(s) or judge(s) of the Supreme Court, or Court of Appeals.

28,694 Appellate Court Opinions

, Supreme Court , 409PA17 (Justice Mark Martin) , Published
Cooper v. Berger

Facial constitutional challenge to 2016 law making Cabinet appointees subject to the advice and consent of the North Carolina Senate.

, Supreme Court , 255A17 (Justice Robin Hudson) , Published
Justus v. Rosner

Medical malpractice action; whether the trial court erred in allowing plaintiff's Rule 59 motion to amend judgment, thus setting aside a jury verdict on damages; whether a new trial should be granted on the sole issue of damages; whether the trial court erred in directing a verdict against defendants on the issue of contributory negligence; trial court's award of costs against defendants for certain expert witness fees.

, Supreme Court , 338A17 (Justice Barbara Jackson) , Published
Silver v. Halifax Cty. Bd. of Comm'rs

Whether a local board of county commissioners may be held legally responsible for providing a sound basic education for students in the county; appeal from trial court's grant of defendant's Rule 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss.

, Supreme Court , 57PA17 (Justice Cheri Beasley) , Published
State v. Johnson

Whether the trial court erred in denying defendant's motion to suppress his confession; whether the Court of Appeals erred in holding that defendant's confession was involuntary and should have been suppressed; whether the error was prejudicial.

, Supreme Court , 23A18 (Justice Cheri Beasley) , Published
State v. Rankin

Whether subdivision (a)(1) of N.C.G.S. 14-399, which generally prohibits littering, is an essential element of, or creates an exception to, that offense; whether an indictment that did not refer to the language in subdivision (a)(1) was fatally defective.

, Supreme Court , 295PA17 (Justice Mark Martin) , Published
State v. Wilson

Whether the trial court erred in denying defendant's motion to suppress evidence of a handgun seized from him at the scene of an ongoing police search for narcotics; whether the trial court's findings of fact were sufficient to support its conclusion of law that a Terry frisk of defendant was justified under the circumstances.

, Court of Appeals , COA18-379 (Judge John Tyson) , Published
Ayscue v. Griffin

Location of boundary line- issue of fact; right to jury trial; interlocutory appeal- substantial right; Rule 60 motion for reconsideration; lack of notice; motion in limine; surveyor's opinion, survey standards

, Court of Appeals , COA18-222 (Judge Chris Dillon) , Published
Bank of Am., N.A. v. Schmitt

Deed of trust, construction and interpretation, question of law, property description, reformation