Appellate Court Opinions

Court’s decision in a case and explanation written by a justice(s) or judge(s) of the Supreme Court, or Court of Appeals.

30,038 Appellate Court Opinions

, Supreme Court , 34PA14-2 (Justice Mark Davis) , Published
State v. Nobles

Appeal from a decision of the Court of Appeals holding that defendant did not qualify as an 'Indian' within the definition of the Indian Major Crimes Act.

, Supreme Court , 365A16-2 (Justice Michael Morgan) , Published
State v. Reed

Appeal from a decision of the Court of Appeals that, on remand from this Court, reversed a trial court's denial of defendant's motion to suppress evidence found during a traffic stop; whether the law enforcement officer unreasonably extended the traffic stop without reasonable suspicion of criminal activity in violation of the Supreme Court of the United States' decision in Rodriguez v. United States.

, Supreme Court , 82A14-2 (Per Curiam) , Published
State v. Seam

Whether the trial court's imposition of a sentence of life with the possibility of parole entered pursuant to N.C.G.S. 15A-1340.19B(a)(1) upon defendant's conviction of first-degree murder violated the Eighth Amendment of the United States or North Carolina constitutions.

, Supreme Court , 188A19 (Justice Anita Earls) , Published
State v. Simpkins

Appeal from convictions for failure to exhibit or surrender a driver's license and resisting, delaying, or obstructing a public officer; whether the Court of Appeals majority erred in holding that defendant did not forfeit his right to counsel and therefore must receive a new trial.

, Supreme Court , 160A19 (Per Curiam) , Published
Vizant Techs., LLC v. YRC Worldwide, Inc.

Appeal from an order and opinion of the Business Court allowing in part defendant's cross motion for summary judgment; whether the Business Court erred in granting summary judgment for defendant on the issue of whether plaintiff could recover damages given the payment terms of a contract between the parties.

, Court of Appeals , COA19-762 (Judge Tobias Hampson) , Published
Holmes v. Moore

Voter ID; Preliminary Injunction

, Court of Appeals , COA19-710 (Judge Allegra Collins) , Published
Mace v. NC Dep't of Ins.

prayer for judgment continued; conviction under N.C.G.S. 58-2-69; adjudication of guilt

, Court of Appeals , COA19-234 (Judge John Arrowood) , Unpublished
McMaster v. McMaster

child custody; lack of standing; NCGS ? 50-13.1(a); conduct inconsistent with protected parental status

, Court of Appeals , COA19-646 (Judge John Tyson) , Published
Poindexter v. Everhart

Military pension division; subject matter jurisdiction; personal jurisdiction; breach of separation agreement; equitable remedy; specific performance; 10 USC 1408; NCGS 7A-244; unincorporated agreement; forum selection clause.

, Court of Appeals , COA19-491 (Judge John Arrowood) , Unpublished
Rezvani v. Carnes

violations of NCRAP jurisdictional rules, requiring dismissal; NCRAP 9, 25, 34

, Court of Appeals , COA19-151 (Judge Donna Stroud) , Published
State v. Angram

motion to dismiss, robbery with a dangerous weapon

, Court of Appeals , COA19-543 (Judge John Tyson) , Unpublished
State v. Boyd

Common law robbery; felony larceny from the person; valid indictment; inchoate crimes; plain error review; lessert-inclunded offense

, Court of Appeals , COA19-456 (Judge Allegra Collins) , Unpublished
State v. Clark

motion to suppress evidence; search warrant application; probable cause; Franks challenge to veracity of search warrant affidavit

, Court of Appeals , COA19-500 (Judge Allegra Collins) , Published
State v. Davis

proper denial of request for limiting instruction; clarification of prior convictions was not impeachment; failure to preserve issue for appeal;