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Slip opinions (court's decision in a case) filed and written by the justices of the Supreme Court or judges of the Court of Appeals

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31,136 Appellate Court Opinions

, Court of Appeals , COA20-324 (Judge John Tyson) , Published
State v. Arnett

Assault with deadly weapon inflicting serious injury; habitual felon; general intent; specific intent; involuntary intoxication defense; Harbison violation; ineffective assistance of counsel.

, Court of Appeals , COA19-1006 (Judge John Tyson) , Published
State v. Carpenter

First-degree sex offense; first-degree kidnapping; aiding or abetting; lesser included offense; jury instructions.

, Court of Appeals , COA20-110 (Judge Jefferson Griffin) , Unpublished
State v. Johnson

Expert testimony regarding evidence of sexual assault, evidence of prior bad acts, relevance, character evidence, some other proper purpose, statutory sex offenses with a minor

, Court of Appeals , COA20-85 (Judge John Arrowood) , Unpublished
State v. Moore

appeal of first-degree murder conviction on evidentiary and jury instruction grounds; appeal of denial of motion to dismiss

, Court of Appeals , COA20-210 (Judge Jeff Carpenter) , Unpublished
State v. Owen

Motion to dismiss; sufficiency of evidence; jury instructions; defense of accident

, Court of Appeals , COA20-243 (Judge Valerie Zachary) , Published
State v. Perdomo

plain error review; vouching for credibility of child-victim; closing the courtroom; ineffective assistance of counsel

, Court of Appeals , COA20-42 (Judge Jeff Carpenter) , Unpublished
State v. Rollinson

Right to waiver of jury trial; sentencing error

, Court of Appeals , COA20-57 (Judge Richard Dietz) , Unpublished
State v. W.

Motion to suppress; reasonable suspicion for brief safety frisk; reasonable suspicion for full investigatory stop and search of vehicle; argument preservation

, Court of Appeals , COA20-207 (Judge John Arrowood) , Unpublished
Bresnahan v. Kirk

whether appeal should be dismissed as interlocutory and, if not, whether the trial court properly imposed Rule 11 sanctions on plaintiffs for discovery violations

, Court of Appeals , COA20-229 (Judge Jefferson Griffin) , Unpublished
In re: S.P-H.

Involuntary commitment, split commitment, dangerous to self, dangerous to others, mentally ill, aggression, physical debilitation, serious bodily harm, near future

, Court of Appeals , COA20-292 (Judge Darren Jackson) , Published
King v. Duke Energy Progress, LLC

trespass to timber; measure of damages where trees are ornamental and have little or no commercial value after being cut; replacement cost constitutes competent evidence of diminution in value of real estate owned for personal use

, Court of Appeals , COA19-838 (Judge Valerie Zachary) , Unpublished
State v. Bridges

hearsay; N.C. Evid. R. 803(3); declarant's then-existing state of mind; closing arguments; trial court's failure to intervene ex mero motu; law of self-defense

, Court of Appeals , COA19-1063 (Judge Lucy Inman) , Published
State v. Corpening

? jurisdictional defect under North Carolina Rule of Appellate Procedure 3(d)
? motion to dismiss allowed
? petition for writ of certiorari granted
? attorney's fees