Appellate Court Opinions

Slip opinions (court's decision in a case) filed and written by the justices of the Supreme Court or judges of the Court of Appeals

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33,079 Appellate Court Opinions

, Supreme Court , 180PA21 (Justice Paul Newby) , Published
West v. Hoyle's Tire & Axle, LLC

Whether an individual who lacks a legal relationship with the deceased employee can file a claim for death benefits under N.C.G.S. 97-39.

, Supreme Court , 339A21 (Justice Michael Morgan) , Published
Williams v. Allen

Whether findings of fact by the trial court were required when no party specifically requested them.

, Court of Appeals , COA22-340 (Judge John Arrowood) , Published
Barham v. Barham

child support; contempt/attorney's fees order; Rule 11 sanctions

, Court of Appeals , COA22-129 (Judge Fred Gore) , Unpublished
BS & HS LLC, P.P.S. v. Nyalkaran, Inc.

lease agreement; breach of contract; implied-in-fact contract; indemnification; unjust enrichment; attorney?s fees; N.C.G.S. 6-21.6

, Court of Appeals , COA22-478 (Judge John Arrowood) , Published
Davis v. Woods

amended jury verdict; Rule 59 Motion; unjust enrichment; bargained-for exchange; intestacy

, Court of Appeals , COA21-388 (Judge Jeff Carpenter) , Published
Frazier v. Town of Blowing Rock

short-term rentals, zoning, local zoning ordinance, quasi-judicial body, board of adjustment, nonconforming use, grandfathered use, table of permissible uses, notice of violation, contested facts

, Court of Appeals , COA22-37 (Judge Chris Dillon) , Unpublished
Grier v. Grier

criminal contempt, attorneys fees, insufficient means

, Court of Appeals , COA21-793 (Judge Jefferson Griffin) , Published
Ha v. Nationwide Gen. Ins. Co.

Homeowner's insurance policy; cancellation notice; statutory construction; N.C. Gen. Stat. 58-44-16, 58-41-15.

, Court of Appeals , COA22-266 (Judge Tobias Hampson) , Unpublished
In re A.M.S.

Juvenile Delinquency; Admission of Responsibility; Fully Informed Choice; Mental Health Evaluation

, Court of Appeals , COA22-605 (Judge Allegra Collins) , Unpublished
In re J.B.

Juvenile; Invited error

, Court of Appeals , COA22-314 (Per Curiam) , Unpublished
In re KW

3.1 parental termination; best interests of child analysis