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Slip opinions (court's decision in a case) filed and written by the justices of the Supreme Court or judges of the Court of Appeals

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31,047 Appellate Court Opinions

, Court of Appeals , COA21-156 (Judge Donna Stroud) , Published
Cash v. Cash

modification of child custody; best interest of the child; misapprehension of the law

, Court of Appeals , COA21-657 (Judge Jeff Carpenter) , Unpublished
In re AM

Termination of parental rights; sufficiency of findings of fact; sufficiency of conclusions of law; willful failure to make reasonable progress; N.C. Gen. Stat. § 7B-1111(a)(2); domestic violence; substance abuse; affirmed.

, Court of Appeals , COA21-625 (Judge John Tyson) , Unpublished
In re N.L.S.

25 USC 1912
Termination of parental rights
Federally recognized tribe

, Court of Appeals , COA21-782 (Judge Jeff Carpenter) , Unpublished
In re V.S.D.

termination of parental rights, grounds for termination, willful abandonment, best interests of the child

, Court of Appeals , COA21-556 (Judge Allegra Collins) , Published
In re: Gerringer

Estates; spousal elective share; property held as joint tenants with right of survivorship; superior court's review on appeal

, Court of Appeals , COA21-594 (Judge April Wood) , Unpublished
In Re: K.E.M. & L.H.M.

Termination of parental rights; TPR; Willful failure to make reasonable progress; Substance abuse; Inconsistent progress; Neglected juvenile

, Court of Appeals , COA21-798 (Judge Darren Jackson) , Unpublished
In Re: K.L. & V.P.L.

trial court's adjudication of neglect was supported by competent evidence of substantial risk of future harm and lack of parental concern where mother murdered father in the presence of her two children

, Court of Appeals , COA21-544 (Judge Fred Gore) , Published
In re: L.M.B.

termination of parental rights; failure to pay a reasonable portion of the cost of care; ?in-kind? contributions; N.C. R. Civ. P. 63; substitute judge

, Court of Appeals , COA21-796 (Judge April Wood) , Published
In re: R.J.P.

Juvenile; Guardianship; Visitation Rights; Visitation Plan; Finding of Fact; Conclusion of Law; De Novo; Permanent Plan; Best Interest; N.C. Gen. Stat. § 7B-905.1(a).

, Court of Appeals , COA21-659 (Judge Lucy Inman) , Unpublished
In re: T.K.H., T.L.H.

Termination of Parental Rights, Failure to Make Reasonable Progress, Sufficient Evidence, Addiction

, Court of Appeals , COA21-468 (Judge Allegra Collins) , Published
Jain v. Jain

Child support, N.C. Gen. Stat. 50-13.4; trial court's findings of fact did not support finding of minor child's reasonable needs or award of permanent child support.

, Court of Appeals , COA21-484 (Judge Fred Gore) , Published
K&S Res., LLC v. Gilmore

summary judgment; statute of limitations; renewal of amended judgment; N.C. R. Civ. P. 52(b); N.C. R. Civ. P. 59(e); statutory tolling provisions

, Court of Appeals , COA21-686 (Judge Lucy Inman) , Unpublished
Matters of KS, ES, GA

Residual hearsay exception, unavailability of juvenile declarant, trustworthiness, more probative than other available evidence

, Court of Appeals , COA21-425 (Judge John Arrowood) , Published
Shebalin v. Shebalin

order for appointment of parenting coordinator; interlocutory; sanctions

, Court of Appeals , COA21-332 (Judge Jeff Carpenter) , Published
Shropshire v. Shropshire

Equitable distribution; divisible property; reopening of evidence sua sponte; insufficient findings of fact; no abuse of discretion.