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Slip opinions (court's decision in a case) filed and written by the justices of the Supreme Court or judges of the Court of Appeals

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33,886 Appellate Court Opinions

, Court of Appeals , COA23-157 (Judge April Wood) , Unpublished
State v. Jackson

Clerical error; Probation violation; Probation revocation hearing; Waiver of right to counsel; Written waiver; pro se; Modification of sentence; N.C. Gen. Stat. § 15A-1242.

, Court of Appeals , COA23-120 (Judge John Arrowood) , Unpublished
State v. King

Indecent liberties with a child; expert testimony; prejudicial error.

, Court of Appeals , COA23-198 (Judge Allegra Collins) , Published
State v. Mohammed

bond forfeiture; relief from final judgment; extraordinary circumstances

, Court of Appeals , COA22-993 (Judge Julee Flood) , Unpublished
State v. Nieves

Unreliable identification; impermissibly suggestive; substantial likelihood of irreparable misidentification; independent origin; five factors

, Court of Appeals , COA23-312 (Per Curiam) , Unpublished
State v. Peak

reasonable suspicion; traffic stop; driving while impaired

, Court of Appeals , COA23-178 (Judge Julee Flood) , Unpublished
State v. Ruffolo

probable cause; search warrant application; motion to suppress; subject-matter jurisdiction; written order.

, Court of Appeals , COA23-35 (Judge Jefferson Griffin) , Unpublished
State v. Simpson

Statutory sex offense of child fifteen or less; motion to dismiss; sufficiency of the evidence; sexual offense occurring on particular dates

, Court of Appeals , COA22-879 (Judge Michael Stading) , Published
Cusick v. Longin

Spousal support, UIFSA, choice of law, subject matter jurisdiction, 12(b)(6), 12(b)(1), Rules of Civil Procedure, Decedent, Decedent-Estate.

, Court of Appeals , COA22-933 (Judge Chris Dillon) , Unpublished
Heisler v. Sutton

petition to partition, tenant in common, marriage proposal, breach of promise to marry

, Court of Appeals , COA23-166 (Judge Fred Gore) , Unpublished
In re: A.L-R.T. & Z.J.T.

termination of parental rights; prior neglect; injurious living environment; substance abuse; domestic violence; failure to acknowledge issues that led to the removal of the juveniles; best interests determination; dispositional findings under N.C.G.S. 7B-1110(a)

, Court of Appeals , COA23-215 (Judge Jeff Carpenter) , Published
In re: J.M.

Juvenile; Custody; Mootness Doctrine; Public-Interest Exception; Capable of Repetition, Yet Evading Review.

, Court of Appeals , COA23-165 (Judge Jefferson Griffin) , Unpublished
In re: J.S. & M.S.

Termination of parental rights' best interests of the child; abuse of discretion; dispositional findings of fact; child's preferences; familial bonds

, Court of Appeals , COA23-93 (Judge April Wood) , Unpublished
In re: K.C.S.

N.C. Gen. Stat. § 7B-1111(a)(7); Willful abandonment; No grounds; Phone number and address.

, Court of Appeals , COA23-25 (Judge John Tyson) , Unpublished
In re: M.L.B.

Termination of Parental Rights;
Indian Child;
Indian Child Welfare Act;
Bureau of Indian Affairs;
DSS' duty to notify tribes;

, Court of Appeals , COA21-754-2 (Judge April Wood) , Unpublished
In re: R.A.F. & R.G.F., IV

Termination of parental rights; Guardian ad litem appointment; N.C. Gen. Stat. § 7B-1108; Answer to TPR petition; N.C. R. App. P. 10; N.C. R. App. P. 2; Willful failure to make reasonable progress.