Judicial Branch produces a number of publications to inform stakeholders and the public on various court-related matters.

15 Publications

Fact Sheet
eCourts Portal Information and FAQs

Find information and frequently asked questions about Portal to access and search court information and records, including elevated access.

Fact Sheet
eCourts Fact Sheet

eCourts is modernizing our court system with the latest applications and technologies, taking the court system from paper to digital.

Fact Sheet
Judicial Districts Maps

Find current North Carolina district court, superior court, and prosecutorial district maps effective January 1, 2024.

Fact Sheet
Prior Judicial Districts Maps

Find prior district court, superior court, and prosecutorial district maps. Superseded by current judicial district maps.

Fact Sheet
Quick Facts

Summarizes and highlights key findings, convictions, dispositions, and recidivism from Sentencing Commission reports and publications.