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Parent education programs make divorcing parents or parents living in separate homes aware of the needs of their children during and after the divorce process and when children are parented in separate homes. Court-sponsored parent education programs incorporate a video entitled The Most Important Job that provides guidance for parents from professionals as well as from the child''s perspective. Topics include what children need, developmental stages of children, communication tips, conflict, parenting from two homes, well-being, safe and effective parenting, as well as parenting styles.

Please participate when you can focus without distraction. To complete North Carolina’s court-sponsored parent education program, please (1) view the handbook, (2) watch the presentation, and then (3) submit the verification form online. After you complete and submit the form, the court will be notified that you have completed this training. You will also receive an email copy of the verification form that you have submitted for your records. The entire process will take approximately 40 minutes.
Presentación de educación para padres

Step 1

To begin, CLICK this link to download, print, or save an electronic copy of the companion handbook to use and reference while you watch the Parent Education Presentation --

The Most Important Job: Parenting Information for Families Living Apart (North Carolina Parent Education Handbook) (English and Spanish versions).