Request for Disability Accommodation

If you have a disability and need a reasonable accommodation, please submit this form for the county where the hearing or other court activity is scheduled. Your request will be addressed according to a statewide protocol. Please submit this request as soon as possible, preferably at least two weeks before your court date because some accommodations take time to schedule.

View the Disability Access Help Topic for additional information about ADA compliance in the courts and resources for special needs/disability services.

It is not necessary to identify your specific disability. You should explain to court personnel that you have a disability and any specific needs that you have.

If you need to request a spoken foreign language court interpreter, please use the request form under Language Access.

If you want to request to be excused from jury service, please refer to your JURY SUMMONS for guidance. Jury excusal is NOT a disability accommodation.

Note: For matters in the Supreme Court of North Carolina or the North Carolina Court of Appeals, choose that court in the county dropdown list above.
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Individual Requesting Accommodation is the (choose one)
For example but not limited to: American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, deaf interpreter team, TASL (tactile) interpretation, captioning (Communication Access Realtime Translation or CART), sound amplifiers, certain times of day for a hearing, permission to use electronic devices for communication purposes, a virtual hearing, or use of a service animal. If you are not sure, please describe any limitations that would prevent equal access.