Request for Disability Accommodation

This form may be used for accommodation and communication requests for anything covered by the North Carolina Persons with Disabilities Protection Act (N.C.G.S. 168) which mirrors the Americans with Disabilities Act ( including, but not limited to, sign language interpreters or CART (captioning). If you need to request a spoken foreign language court interpreter, please use the Request for Spoken Foreign Language Court Interpreter.

Please fill out the request form below as far in advance as possible, preferably two weeks before the hearing or court activity. It is important that the courthouse Disability Access Coordinator receive advance notice of your request as some accommodations take time to schedule and the availability of your accommodation may be limited. Your request will be addressed according to a statewide protocol.

View the Disability Access Help Topic for additional information about ADA compliance in the courts and resources for special needs / disability services. If you have general questions about the process or form for requesting an accommodation, contact the NCAOC Disability Access Coordinator at 919-890-1212 or

It is not necessary to identify your specific disability. You should explain to court personnel that you have a disability and any specific needs that you have.

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