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District Attorney Benjamin R. David Receives Razor Walker Award

Benjamin R. David, recently received the Watson College of Education 2017 Razor Walker Award.

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Benjamin R. David, District Attorney for New Hanover and Pender counties, recently received the Watson College of Education 2017 Razor Walker Award for his distinguished service to North Carolina children and youth.

Each year, the Watson College of Education presents the Razor Walker Awards to individuals whose vision, tenacity, courage and sacrifice have made a difference in the lives of young people. The awards, named in recognition of the "razor's edge" that recipients walk to support education and youth, have been presented to advocates from education, government, business and community organizations since 1993.

"Vision, tenacity, courage and sacrifice take many different forms, and are narrated in our lives in a powerful array of stories and portraits," said Watson College Dean Van Dempsey. "This year's Razor Walker Award winners represent the range of impacts that leaders can have in the lives of children, families, communities, and across our state."

Benjamin R. David has served as District Attorney for New Hanover and Pender Counties since 2004. He is a founding member of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Youth Violence and the Safer Schools Task Force, and has helped to introduce several programs to benefit youth and families including Teen Court, Watch D.O.G.S., Hometown Hires and an alternative sentencing program for minor youth traffic violations. Every year, he speaks to thousands of public school students on issues of community safety and positive life choices.

The following was offered about Mr. David: "Ben David epitomizes the reality that one can achieve the balance between fulfilling duties as a public servant while simultaneously advocating for and encouraging the youth of our communities and throughout the state to dream and believe in themselves."