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Mecklenburg County Superior Criminal Court Hearings Changing Courtrooms

At the beginning of September, the location of some Mecklenburg County Superior criminal court hearings will be moving to new courtrooms.

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At the beginning of September, the location of some Mecklenburg County Superior criminal court hearings will be moving to new courtrooms. The Sheriff’s Office has indicated for security reasons certain proceedings need larger holding cells, which are located behind the courtrooms. Please assist all court staff as we try to make this transition as smooth as possible. We are also open to your suggestions to ease this transition. Please note the following changes to criminal proceedings for probation matters, misdemeanor appeals, administrative proceedings, pretrial readiness conferences, fast track sessions and recovery court sessions.

On Tuesday, September 3, 2018, previous probation matters that were in courtroom 5170 will move to courtroom 5350. Misdemeanor appeals will be heard in courtroom 5170 except on Mondays, the courtroom will change. Mondays only, misdemeanor appeals will be in courtroom 5350 for the morning session and courtroom 5170 for the afternoon session to use the jury box for trials. 

All current administrative proceedings held in courtroom 5350 will move to courtroom 5310 permanently.

Pretrial readiness conferences will be on an every other week rotation. Pretrial readiness conferences will be conducted in courtroom 5350 during misdemeanor appeals week and will be conducted in 5170 during probation week.

Fast track sessions in courtroom 5310 will now be heard by the probation judge in courtroom 5350 or if another judge is assigned, they will be heard in courtroom 5170.

Recovery court sessions previously in courtroom 5310 will now move to courtroom 5150.

Handouts and copies of these changes will be given during scheduling conferences and will be located on the attorney tables inside 5350. Also, signage will be placed in front of the doors to remind everyone of the changes. Thank you for understanding the importance of meeting this security need and implementing this transition. 



  • Recovery Court Sessions


  • Misdemeanor Appeals (except Monday mornings)
  • Pretrial Readiness Conferences during Probation Week
  • Fast track sessions if not for probation judge


  • Misdemeanor Appeals Monday mornings
  • Pretrial Readiness Conferences during Misdemeanor Appeals Week
  • Fast track sessions for probation judge
  • Probation Matters


  • All Administrative Proceedings