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All Things Judicial Focuses on Raise the Age with the Office of the Juvenile Defender

Episode's guests include OJD's Eric Zogry, Burcu Hensley, and LaTobia Avent.

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The latest episode of the All Things Judicial podcast provides an update on the Raise the Age law through a conversation with attorneys and staff from the North Carolina Office of the Juvenile Defender (OJD). This episode's guests include Eric Zogry, State Juvenile Defender, Burcu Hensley, Assistant Juvenile Defender, and LaTobia Avent, Communications Manager.

OJD's mission is to provide services and support to juvenile defense attorneys, elevate and evaluate the system of juvenile delinquency representation, and work with juvenile justice advocates to promote positive change in the juvenile justice system.   

"The main difference between juvenile court and adult criminal court is that we look at these young people as developing adults," said Zogry on the podcast. "It gives us the opportunity to say it's not just how old you are and what you're charged with, it's what else is going on with this youth, what does their prior record look like, and what are some available services that are not available in the criminal justice system."