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New All Things Judicial Podcast Episode Explores the Facts, Fiction, and Opinion of Jury Service in North Carolina

Hear what experts and everyday North Carolinians have to say about jury duty.

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July is Juror Appreciation Month in North Carolina and the most recent episode of All Things Judicial focuses on jury service. The host and guests explore the history of jury service, what to expect when asked to serve on a jury, and dispel common myths about jury service. In the second segment of the episode, All Things Judicial conducts interviews with average North Carolinians about their thoughts on jury service.

"Jury service is a vital part of our country," Wake County Clerk of Superior Court Blair Williams said on the podcast. "Jurors play a part in our judicial system and that is what makes us unique in this world."


Blair Williams, Wake County Clerk of Superior Court

Alicia Blanco, Wake County Deputy Clerk

Rosie Rijo Gonzalez, Wake County Assistant Clerk

DeShield Greene, Court Management Specialist for the North Carolina Judicial Branch


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