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Online Requests for Dismissal or Speeding Reduction of Traffic Citations Launches in Guide & File for eCourts Pilot Counties

Now available in Guide & File for eCourts pilot counties only (Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Wake).

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Online requests for compliance dismissal or speeding reduction of a traffic citation are now available in Guide & File for eCourts pilot counties only (Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Wake) on Monday, May 1. All other counties will continue to use the previous online services application.

In the pilot counties, defendants will now use Guide & File to make a request for compliance dismissal or reductions on waivable speeding charges. The Guide & File process walks the defendant through a series of questions to generate either a request for Compliance Dismissal or a request for Speeding Reduction. Depending on the charge, the defendant is required to upload a copy of the proof (driver’s license, registration, insurance) or driving record. These requests are submitted as electronic filings to the district attorney’s office to review.

View the public user guide with more information and screenshots of the interview. Users can access Guide & File and this guide on the eCourts Services page on NCcourts.gov.

For questions and assistance, users may visit Guide & File support. After completing the interview and submitting the filing, users may contact the clerk's office in the county where they have filed.

More Information
Guide & File initially launched statewide in August 2020. The free online service is available to help self-represented litigants and attorneys to prepare court documents online to file for certain case types. Working much like popular tax preparation software, this online tool guides users through a series of questions (an interview) to generate court forms that are ready to be filed. As counties go live with eCourts, users will be able to eFile these forms for certain case types.