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Perquimans County Clerk of Superior Court Selected to Serve on eCourts Advisory Committee

Perquimans County Clerk of Superior Court Todd W. Tilley has been appointed to serve on the eCourts Advisory Committee.

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HERTFORD - Perquimans County Clerk of Superior Court Todd W. Tilley has been appointed to serve on the eCourts Advisory Committee for the North Carolina Judicial Branch. The eCourts Advisory Committee comprises representation of judicial officials and court staff from throughout the state’s court system. This group is charged with evaluating and recommending standard case / business processes to enable seamless workflows within the court processes as courts move from a largely paper-based environment to a digital one. Tilley was selected to serve as a voice for clerks of superior court. He was selected by nomination by leadership of the statewide Conference of Clerks of Superior Court. 

“We look forward to Clerk Tilley’s collaboration to further our successes as transformative change continues in the Judicial Branch,” said McKinley Wooten, interim director of the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC). “Our work together will deliver technology systems, tools, and processes that provide greater access to justice and enable efficient, fair, and equitable outcomes in our unified court system.”

“It is an honor to serve on this committee,” said Tilley. “I am proud to be the voice for the residents of Perquimans County and to represent my fellow clerks across the state as we work to modernize our courts and provide greater access to justice for all North Carolinians.”

As the NCAOC progresses in its eCourts initiatives, it will be critical that expeditious decisions are made concerning requested modifications or additions to current business process flows, forms, rules of recordkeeping, and statutes to facilitate the progress of projects underway. The eCourts Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the eCourts Steering Committee. The eCourts Advisory Committee will receive reports / updates of ongoing projects and have access to NCAOC subject matter experts, as needed.

About eCourts

It is the North Carolina Judicial Branch’s vision to establish and build upon an eCourt’s environment where paper is no longer the basis for the court processes, paving the way for a virtual courthouse. A central goal of this vision is to establish a technology foundation and environment that will support the components of a virtual courthouse: paperless processes, automated workflows, paperless courtrooms, and online access to the judicial system. These processes should include transparent measures that demonstrate timeliness for disposition from a litigant’s perspective. Additionally, consideration should be given to what transactions with the court system can be done remotely.