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Pitt County District Court Sessions Canceled for February 10-15 Due to COVID-19

District court cases set for court February 10-15 will be continued administratively.

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Today Pitt County Chief District Court Judge G. Galen Braddy announced that, due to an incidence of COVID-19 resulting in facility sanitation and quarantine of staff in accordance with public health guidelines, adjustments are being made to district court as follows:

  • District court cases set for court February 10-15 will be continued administratively.
  • First appearances held at the Pitt County Detention Center will resume Thursday, February 11 at 8:30 a.m. and will be held by the clerk of superior court or her designee. 
  • Felony first appearances for those individuals who post bond from today through February 15 will be conducted in DC01 at 11:00 a.m. on February 23-25. Magistrates are asked to alternate the assignment of dates for defendants making bond to report to avoid an influx of first appearances on a particular day.      
  • Requests for ex partes will be heard at 2:00 p.m. Victims will need to go to the civil clerk’s office and the civil clerk will contact the judge who is assigned to hear them at that time. 
  • Matters outside of those noted above (i.e. secured and / or non-secured custody) will need to be addressed by contacting the District Court Judge’s Office at 252-695-7270 or Trial Court Coordinator at 252-695-7271.

Superior Court, Small Claims Court, and hearings before the clerk will remain scheduled. 

The courthouse and clerk of superior court’s office remain open. 

Additional Information

By order of the Chief Justice, only people with business at the courthouse will be allowed to enter. Masks or face coverings are required in all courthouses. Filings are encouraged to be mailed and will be treated as timely if received by mail within five days of the due date. 

Some court matters can be processed online at www.NCcourts.gov/services.

For the latest information on court closings, visit www.NCcourts.gov.