Judicial Fellowship

Judicial Fellows provide independent, confidential, and timely legal services for the judges.

The North Carolina Judicial Fellowship provides independent, confidential, and timely legal support for the judges of the district and superior court benches of North Carolina with regard to the matters over which those judges preside. The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts launched the Fellowship in April 2017 upon a recommendation of the North Carolina Commission on the Administration of Law and Justice.

The Fellowship supports judges on a wide variety of research and writing projects in all subject matter areas. Fellows have conducted both case-specific and generalized research, assisted judges in drafting orders, and attended trials and hearings to provide real-time, in-person support. The Fellowship employs a central intake and assignment process, and Fellows work collaboratively in order to provide quick, accurate, and comprehensive responses.

The Fellowship staff comprises attorneys who demonstrate academic excellence and who represent a broad diversity of experience and subject matter familiarity. Fellows serve two-year, staggered terms in order to provide for cross-training, continuity of work flow, and predictability of staffing needs. The Fellowship is based at the North Carolina Judicial Center, but Fellows routinely travel to aid judges in courthouses throughout the state.

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Fellows carry the primary responsibility of performing legal research and writing assistance for judges, and serve two-year, staggered terms that transition in August. All Fellowships are based in Raleigh, at the North Carolina Judicial Center; Fellows travel throughout the state to provide on-site, in-person assistance in many circumstances.

Competitive candidates will demonstrate academic excellence and superior research and writing skills. Fellows possess a broad diversity in terms of experience (ranging from recent law school graduates to experienced practitioners) and subject matter familiarity and interest. Fellows must possess a Juris Doctor degree, but need not be licensed to practice law by the North Carolina State Bar.

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