Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission Members and Staff

View the members and staff of the Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission.

Commission Members

Hon. Charlie Brown, Chairman Chief District Court Judge
Frances Battle Victim Assistance Network
Art Beeler Private Citizen, Governor's Appointee
Hon. Warren Daniel State Senator
Louise Davis Community Sentencing Association
Danielle Marquis Elder Attorney General's Office
Hon. Sherri Elliott District Court Judges’ Association
Hon. John Faircloth State Representative
Hon. Milton “Toby” Fitch, Jr. State Senator
Willis Fowler Post-Release Supervision & Parole Commission
Lindsey Granados Advocates for Justice
Hon. R. Greg Horne Conference of Superior Court Judges
Joseph Houchin Lieutenant Governor's Appointee
Chief Henry King, Jr. Association of Chiefs of Police
Hon. Tammy Lee Association of County Commissioners
Sheriff Garry McFadden Sheriffs' Association
Dr. Harvey McMurray Academic Member
Hon. Allen McNeill State Representative
Hon. James Mixson, III Association of Clerks of Superior Court
Luther Moore Retail Merchants' Association
Timothy Moose Department of Public Safety
Hon. Fred Morrison, Jr. Justice Fellowship
Hon. William Richardson State Representative
Calvin Suber Chairman's Appointee
Hon. Michael Waters Conference of District Attorneys
Patrick Weede Bar Association
Hon. Valerie Zachary Court of Appeals
Vacant State Senator

Commission Staff

N.C. Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission
PO Box 2448
Raleigh, NC 27602-2448
Phone: (919) 890-1470
Fax: (919) 890-1933

Michelle Hall Executive Director
John Madler Associate Director for Policy, Staff Attorney
Ginny Hevener Associate Director for Research
Tamara Flinchum Senior Research & Policy Associate
John King Senior Research & Policy Associate
Meghan Boyd Ward Research & Policy Associate
Shelley Kirk Administrative Secretary
Sierra Satterfield Research & Policy Associate
Melissa Lugo Research & Policy Associate
Rebecca Whitaker Research & Policy Associate