Business Court Technology

Information about Business Court’s technology offerings.

Courtroom Technology

Each Business Court courtroom is similarly outfitted:

  1. Cisco Webex videoconferencing.
  2. Evidence presentation system with VGA/HDMI connectors at each counsel table. If using portable device like a tablet bring an adaptor to join a VGA/HDMI connector.
    1. Images display across courtroom monitors with Court controls to witness and jury.
    2. Monitors—placed at bench, courtroom clerk, counsel tables, witness stand, and jury.
    3. Jury monitors—Charlotte (two 70”); Greensboro (one 70”); Raleigh (one 70”); Winston-Salem (23” shared monitor per two jurors).
    4. Electronic document camera.
    5. Lectern with wireless/fixed microphone.
    6. Feel free to schedule a site visit by contacting the appropriate court location.

Videoconferencing suggestions:

  1. Connect a few minutes early to assure a prompt start; you will remain in a virtual waiting room until the Court opens the videoconference.
  2. Connection via a conventional audio-only telephone call is permissible in the event videoconferencing fails or is unavailable; the Court will provide an audio call-in number prior to the videoconference.
  3. Headsets may offer a better audio experience.
  4. Control volume on external speakers and use the mute function except when speaking to eliminate feedback; headsets often eliminate feedback problems.
  5. Join the videoconference from a quiet area with adequate lighting.
  6. Using your IT personnel/vendor, test your system connection with the Court well before the videoconference to avoid problems or delays.