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Guide & File logoGuide & File is a free online service available to help self-represented litigants and attorneys to prepare court documents online to file for certain case types. eFiling is available for select case types in eCourts counties.



After completing the guided interview, you will see next steps instructions on what to do with your forms and how the court process works. Be sure to log out and close your browser when finished using Guide & File.

Disclaimer: Judicial Branch employees are not permitted to provide legal advice or help fill out these forms for the public. For legal advice or questions about legal rights and remedies, the public may consult an attorney licensed to practice law in North Carolina.

Case Types Available

  • Absolute Divorce*
  • Adult Guardianship
  • Adult Name Change
  • Application for Certificate of Verification of Prior Expunction
  • Domestic Violence Protective Order*
  • Motion to Claim Exempt Property*
  • Petition to Proceed as an Indigent*
  • Probate
    • Year’s Allowance
    • Summary Administration
    • Small Estate Administration
  • Request for Dismissal or Speeding Reduction for Traffic Citations* (not available in Mecklenburg)
  • Request for Relief from Fines, Fees, and Other Monetary Obligations
  • Small Claims*
    • Money Owed*
    • Repossession of Personal Property*
  • Summary Ejectment
    • Complaint in Summary Ejectment
    • Tenant’s Answer and Counterclaims*
    • Appeal to District Court

*eFiling is available for these case types in eCourts counties only.


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