Bladen County Local Administrative Schedules

Find Bladen County administrative schedules and calendars.

Bladen%20August%2020%2C%202018%20Trial%20Calendar_0.pdf?gPcuy2uo1Ni8A5DghdpDkNhhrMGqWHUOCriminal Docket Management Session Admin Calendar

Criminal Docket Management Session Motion and Plea Calendars 

Trial Calendars 

Trial Session Motion and Plea Calendars 

  • Monday 
  • Tuesday 
  • Wednesday 
  • Thursday 
  • Friday 

Stand-by Trial Calendars for Civil Sessions 

  • 1st week of the month 
  • 2nd week of the month 
  • 3rd week of the month 
  • 4th week of the month 
  • 5th week of the month

Schedule and Assignment of Judges