Dare County Jury Service

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Length of Service

Jurors are typically summoned for a one-week session. Occasionally, jurors may be summoned for multi-week sessions when complex and / or lengthy matters are to be tried. Jurors can and often do serve on more than one trial. Jurors are obligated to the court for the entire week's session of court, until excused by the presiding judge.

Hours of Service

The typical juror's day will be from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Occasionally, other hours are required by the court during trial, but this is rare. If you are selected to serve as a juror, you will follow the instructions of the presiding judge.

When and Where to Report

Please follow the directions on the summons. Jurors should call the Jury Message Line at 252-475-5205 after 6:00 p.m. the night before the date of service indicated on the summons. The Jury Message Line will provide specific reporting information. If required to appear, jurors should report to the Jury Assembly Room on the 2nd floor of the Dare County Justice Center  at the time indicated on the jury summons. Please be aware that the date and time are subject to change, so it is imperative that jurors call the Jury Message Line the evening prior to their date of service. 

Requests to be ExcusedExcuses from jury service are granted only for reasons of compelling personal hardship or because requiring service would be contrary to public welfare, health, or safety. Applications for excuses must be made by submitting a written request to the presiding district court judge no later than the date of service. This application is printed on the front of the summons. The clerk's office does not have the authority to excuse or defer a juror. All excuses must be presented to the presiding judge.

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