Jackson County Jury Service

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Length of Service

A trial juror's service is normally one week. However, jurors may be put on telephone standby for any time that week when they are not required to be present in the courthouse. The average length of service, if selected to serve as a juror in a trial, is two days.

When and Where to Report

Jurors report to the Jury Assembly Room 220 on the second floor of the Jackson County Justice and Administration Building. Jurors report at the time indicated on their summons.

Please call (828) 631-6405 after 5:30 p.m. on the evening prior to your service date. A recorded message will provide instructions regarding  jurors scheduled for jury service. DO NOT try to leave a message.

The jury list is also published in the local newspapers with the times and places to report in the event the jury summons card is misplaced.

Excusal from Jury ServiceRequests to be excused will be heard prior to the date of service as indicated on the jury summons.


There are no specific spaces designated for parking.Questions

Questions regarding jury service may be directed to (828) 631-6400.

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