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MEMORANDUM :: eCourts Launch Delay

In order to ensure a successful launch, the decision has been made to delay the pilot county eCourts Odyssey ICMS.

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Legal Community
NCAOC Director Andrew T. Heath
September 26, 2022
eCourts Launch Delay

Dear Legal Community:

Please allow this message to serve as an important eCourts update.

After consulting with our vendor Tyler Technologies, Inc., we previously announced October 10, 2022, as the projected launch date of the eCourts Odyssey Integrated Case Management System (ICMS), including eFiling, in the four pilot counties of Harnett, Johnston, Lee and Wake. In order to ensure a successful launch, the Administrative Office of the Courts established criteria and set internal deadlines that were required to be met before launch. As of the most recent deadline late last week, the number and nature of unresolved issues was unacceptable. Therefore, the decision has been made to delay the pilot county eCourts Odyssey Integrated Case Management System.

The unresolved issues centered on application development (i.e., customizing the standard Odyssey application to meet the needs of the N.C. court system) and integration issues (i.e., making sure Judicial Branch databases and applications are properly communicating with those of other agencies such as law enforcement and public safety). We will continue to monitor progress and are working with Tyler Technologies and partner agencies to re-establish internal deadlines and a new projected launch date which is imminent. While we are doing everything in our power to avoid delay, we will not go live with this transformative technology until it is ready for our court users and we are confident that the Judicial Branch can continue to share vital information with our partner agencies.

For now, we will be keeping all training dates as they are. We will provide additional announcements as we get closer to the new projected launch date. In the meantime, please visit the eCourts website, NCcourts.gov/eCourts, for information and training.

Thank you for collaboration on this important initiative and for your dedication to the public we serve.


Andrew T. Heath
NCAOC Director

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