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All Things Judicial Features an Interview with Judge Robinson O. Everett

Everett was part of Duke Law School's faculty for over 50 years.

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In this episode of All Things Judicial, we feature excerpts from a 2004 interview with late Judge Robinson O. Everett (1928-2009), former Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for Armed Forces. Everett graduated from Harvard University at age 19 and was admitted into the North Carolina Bar Association by age 22. Originally from Durham, North Carolina, Everett was part of Duke Law School's faculty for over 50 years - founding the University's Center on Law Ethics and National Security. In the interview, Everett shares of the importance of mentorship, his family, and the many different facets of law as he traveled from North Carolina to Washington over the course of his more than 50-year career.   

"One of the nice things about being a lawyer is that you occasionally have opportunities to do something that will be very far-reaching," Everett said on the podcast. "Where you can hopefully bring about a result that will make things better for everyone." 

The interview was conducted by Hon. William A. Creech for the Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism's Historical Video Series. A full version of the interview can be found on the NCcourts Youtube Channel.