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To enhance professionalism among North Carolina lawyers, judges, and law students.

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The Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism (CJCP) was established on September 22, 1998, by order of the Supreme Court of North Carolina. The order established the Commission's membership and major responsibilities.

The North Carolina CJCP consists of a chairperson, who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or his/her designee; two judges serving on trial benches of the courts of the state or the United States; and one appellate court judge either from the state or United States. Other members include two law school faculty members from accredited North Carolina law schools, eight practicing lawyers, and three non-lawyer citizens who are active in public affairs. All members, with the exception of the chairperson, serve for a term of three years.

The major responsibilities of the Commission include its primary charge: to enhance professionalism among North Carolina's lawyers. In carrying out this charge, the CJCP is required to provide ongoing attention and assistance to ensure the practice of law remains a high calling, dedicated to the service of clients and the public good. 

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Profiles in Professionalism

All Things Judicial Podcast, Episode 3

Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism Executive Director Mel Wright welcomes Kinston attorney James S. “Jimbo” Perry to All Things Judicial. They discuss Jimbo’s career as an attorney and the calculus that many lawyers make between prioritizing work over people and relationships in their lives. Jimbo shared his personal experiences and desires to bring about change in his community through acts of service.

“One of the struggles that we as attorneys have is we sometimes work so hard that we don’t take care of the things that are most important,” Jimbo Perry said during the podcast. “The way to have joy and happiness is not by having and getting but by giving and serving.”

Professionalism Among Our Colleagues

The Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism is proud to share these letters that have encouraged professionalism among our colleagues.

Joint NCADA NCAJ Letter to Members
The President of the North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys, F. Lachicotte Zemp Jr. and the President of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, Vernon Sumwalt came together in March 2020 to inspire their respective organizations to work together during the height of the pandemic and beyond.

CODA and IDS Professional Letter
The Executive Director of the Office of Indigent Defense Services, Mary Pollard and the Executive Director of the Conference of District Attorneys, Kimberly Overton Spahos wrote a letter of recognition to their respective organizations to highlight their cooperative efforts over the past year and a half.

Both letters are a wonderful example of the enhanced professionalism that the Chief Justice’s Commission Professionalism strives to instill in our community.

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