Lawyer's Professionalism Creed

To encourage, guide and assist individual lawyers, law firms, and bar associations.

To my clients, I offer competence, faithfulness, diligence, and good judgment. I will represent you as I would want to be represented and to be worthy of your trust.

To the opposing parties and their counsel, I offer fairness, integrity, and civility. I will seek reconciliation and, if we fail to achieve it, I will make our dispute a dignified one.

To the courts, and other tribunals, and to those who assist them, I offer respect, truthfulness, and courtesy. I will strive to bring honor to the search for justice.

To the profession, I offer assistance. I will strive to keep our profession a high calling in the spirit of pro bono and public service.

To the public, I offer service. I will strive to improve the law and our legal system, serving all equally, and to seek justice through the representation of my clients.

The N.C. Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism's Lawyer's Professionalism Creed is modeled after The Lawyer's Creed in the state of Georgia.