Judicial Response Committee

To respond to unwarranted attacks on judges by the media and public.

The purpose of the Judicial Response Committee of the Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism (CJCP) is to further the goals of the CJCP to ensure that the practice of law remains a high calling, dedicated to the service of clients and the public good by responding to unwarranted attacks on the judiciary in the media.

The Judicial Response Committee has a limited role: its support of the NC judiciary is non-partisan and non-political. This Committee does not respond to political content, such as political advertisements or articles containing solely political commentary. Rather, it focuses on responding to specific media content directed at NC judges attacking them for performing their judicial duties.

The Judicial Response Committee is positioned to respond to media content in any format: print, broadcast or social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc…).

Members of the North Carolina Judicial Branch may engage the Judicial Response Committee to respond to specific media items on their behalf by contacting the CJCP and requesting assistance. All requests should be accompanied by copies or links to the media content in question and submitted as soon as practicable after publication to facilitate a rapid response.

After review of the situation underlying the request, the Judicial Response Committee will determine the appropriate response, if any, to the media-related item(s). The CJCP will contact those requesting assistance and advise them of the actions taken on their behalf, if any.

All requests, including contact and subsequent communications with the CJCP, are considered confidential. Referring judges should consider their contact and communications with the CJCP, the Judicial Response Committee and its members and staff confidential and refrain from discussing them with the media.