Chief Justice's Professionalism Award

Individuals whose contributions have demonstrated the highest commitment to genuine professionalism.

Award Recipients

This award is presented annually to an individual whose contributions have demonstrated the highest commitment to genuine professionalism and the highest standards of legal ethics. Entries are sought from those eligible that have demonstrated the good that can be accomplished by turning intellectual honesty, compassion, and practical skills in the practice of law.

The Chief Justice’s Professionalism Award Recipients:

2001 William F. Womble, Esq.
2002 Hon. Robert B. Morgan
2003 Joseph W. Grier, Jr., Esq.
2004 Hon. Robinson O. Everett
2005 Hon. David M. Britt
2006 Julius L. Chambers, Esq.
2007 Elizabeth L. Quick, Esq.
2008 Hon. Wallace C. Harrelson
E. Fitzgerald Parnell, III, Esq.
William O. King, Esq.
Melvin F. Wright, Jr., Esq.
2009 Roy W. Davis, Jr., Esq.
2010 Hon. Lillian B. Jordan
2011 Robert L. McMillan, Jr., Esq.
2012 James C. Drennan, Esq.
2013 Roger W. Smith, Sr., Esq.
Wade M. Smith, Esq.
2014 Hon. Shirley L. Fulton
2015 Hon. Burley B. Mitchell, Jr.
2016 H. Grady Barnhill
Hon. Rhoda B. Billings
Hon. Henry E. Frye
2017 Russell M. Robinson, II
Hon. Alyson K. Duncan
Hon. I. Beverly Lake, Jr.
F. Leary Davis
2018 Allan B. Head
Hon. James G. Exum, Jr.
Hon. Sarah Parker
Hon. Robert F. Orr
Hon. Robert H. Edmunds
James T. Williams, Jr.
Ronald L. Gibson
Erna A. P. Womble
2019 Hon. Patricia A. Timmons-Goodson
Hon. Frederick G. Lind
James E. Ferguson, II
2020 Hon. J.C. Cole
Hon. Forrest D. Bridges
Debra L. Foster
2021 James "Jimbo" S. Perry
Richard S. Towers
David B. Freedman
2022 Charles Gordon Brown
LeAnn Nease Brown
Hon. Pat Evans
Robert "Bert" Carl Kemp, III

Courthouse Employees of the Year

This award is presented to individuals who work in courthouses whose contributions have demonstrated the highest commitment to genuine professionalism. Entries are sought from those eligible who have demonstrated professionalism and have gained the respect of their peers.

2022 Jenny Carroll, Wake County
Mark Mayakis, Johnston County
Raj Nandlal, New Hanover County
Debbie Basnight, Currituck County
Wayne Dawson, Lenoir County
Amy Kincaid, Burke and Caldwell Counties
2023 Max Ashworth, New Hanover County
Valerie Laney, Union County
Mike Scearce, Randolph County
Elizabeth Dierauf, Henderson County
Kimmel McDiarmid, Chatham County
Deanna Little, Johnston County
J. Dianne Jamerson, Buncombe County
Carrie Prelipp, Richmond County
David Brad Renegar, Haywood County