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All Things Judicial Features Interview with Former Judge Lillian B. Jordan

Jordan was a role model for women seeking a career in the legal field.

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The latest episode of All Things Judicial features excerpts of an interview with former Randolph County District Court Judge Lillian B. Jordan. She practiced family law for 17 years and served as a district court judge and emergency district court judge. In the interview, she discussed her early life and the monumental decision to go to law school, which was rare for women at that time. 

"One reason I wanted to go (to law school) was I wanted to be a role model for young women to see that women can be lawyers," said Jordan on the podcast. "I happen to know of quite a few young women who did go to law school and were very successful lawyers because they did see me as a lawyer." 

This interview was conducted in 2011 by attorney Bonnie Kay Donahue for the Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism. A video of this interview can be found on the NCcourts YouTube channel.