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All Things Judicial Podcast Focuses on Professionalism in the Legal Community

The Commission provides continuing legal education and acts as a voluntary peer intervention program involving professionalism issues.

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The latest episode of the All Things Judicial podcast features an interview with Mel Wright, Executive Director of the Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism. The Commission plays an important role in providing continuing legal education to lawyers, and through the Professionalism Support Initiative, acts as an informal voluntary peer intervention program involving professionalism issues. 

On this episode, Wright shares details about his background, the role and mission of the Commission, and some intriguing stories about professionalism, or lack thereof, in North Carolina's legal community.  

"Legal ethics is the minimum standard required by the North Carolina State Bar, whereas professionalism is the higher standard expected of lawyers and judges," said Wright on the podcast. "Sometimes even judges say and do things that maybe they shouldn't say or do. Often when those type of things happen, I get a phone call."