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North Carolina Judicial Branch Launches New Podcast “All Things Judicial”

First episode features the crimes of human trafficking that occur in North Carolina and how to recognize and prevent them. 

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The North Carolina Judicial Branch launched an official podcast today entitled “All Things Judicial” that features interviews from recognizable figures in our judicial communities and stories about important Judicial Branch topics. The podcast will follow a bi-monthly release schedule with each new episode available for download every other Wednesday beginning today.

“Podcasting is an effective communications tool that increases awareness with the public and highlights the impactful work performed in our state’s judicial communities,” said Chief Justice Paul Newby. “To keep content interesting and informative, All Things Judicial will feature rotating guest hosts who will interview subject matter experts and lend a fresh voice to Judicial Branch stories.”

In its inaugural episode, All Things Judicial highlights the North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission and its mission to prevent human trafficking in North Carolina. Guest hosted by North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission Executive Director Christine Long (pictured), the episode focuses on the role of the Commission and delves into the grim realities of human trafficking in our state, signs to look for, and how to prevent this horrific crime.

Christine Long conducting a podcast interview.
Christine Long, Executive Director of the North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission

“It becomes easy to feel like your community is safe and that you are safe from [human trafficking] but you are not safe and neither is anyone in your family,” said Executive Director of Children’s Advocacy Centers of North Carolina Deana Joy in Episode 1 of All Things Judicial. “We have to shift our perspective and realize that it’s going to take the community at-large to make an impact.”

Future podcast episodes will feature guest hosts like Supreme Court of North Carolina Associate Justice Michael Morgan and others from the judicial community from all parts of the state. Topics will include School Justice Partnerships, North Carolina’s drug treatment courts, and the important duty of jury service. The podcast is available on all major podcast platforms and can be accessed on NCcourts.gov.