Additional Resources

Documents and links to other helpful materials.

The Guidebook coverThe Guidebook: Citation, Style, and Usage at the Supreme Court of North Carolina (3rd Edition)A guide adopted by the Supreme Court for research assistants and other Court staff who are charged with editing the Court’s opinions.

Supreme Court of North Carolina Self-Representation Packet

A resource for self-represented litigants that aims to help explain the appellate court system and answer common questions that people may have when they represent themselves in an appeal.

The North Carolina Bar Association's Appellate Rules Committee

A link to the Committee’s webpage with access to the Committee’s “Appellate Style Manual.”

The Rules of the North Carolina State Bar

A link to the State Bar’s rules webpage.

Local Rules and Forms

A link to rules and forms adopted at the local court level.

Biographies and Histories of the Supreme Court of North Carolina

A link to a historical collection on the Supreme Court, maintained by the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.