Speaker Resources

Speaker materials to use for various audiences and ages, including presentations, videos, activities, and more.

Thank you for your interest and effort to help raise awareness about the role and importance of the Judicial Branch and the court system to various groups throughout North Carolina.

The following provides speakers with a guide, sample outline, and resource materials to use for your event.

Get Scheduled to Speak at an Event

Determine Material to Use

Fulfill Your Speaking Event

  • Be your professional self and represent the judicial community well.
  • Remember, the goal is to create public awareness about the importance of the Judicial Branch and the role of courts.
  • Arrive early to set up your presentation.
  • Greet guests upon arrival.
  • Begin your presentation.
  • Ask guests if they know of any other opportunities to speak at events in the area.
  • Talk with guests as they leave event setting.
  • Take down event materials.

Complete Post-Event Actions

  • Send a thank you note to the host organization.
  • Submit an event recap
    • Tell us about your event (topic, guests, any questions / reactions from guest) and how we may improve.
    • Let us know of other information or material that would benefit the Speakers Bureau.