Pro Se Absolute Divorce Packet

Information for self-represented individuals to file a complaint for an absolute divorce.

This information packet is designed to assist individuals who are not represented by an attorney ("Pro Se") to file a complaint for an absolute divorce and to represent themselves in a hearing before a Judge for an absolute divorce. Recognizing that the legal system can be very complicated and confusing, this Pro Se Absolute Divorce Packet is provided to assist pro se individuals by providing information and sample forms to be used to obtain an absolute divorce. 

As a pro se litigant , your are responsible to make certain that the information and instructions in this Pro Se Absolute Divorce packet are appropriate for your situation. Therefore, you should review and research applicable laws, rules and civil procedure, and cases that apply to your type of situation. If you are not able to do this, you should talk to an attorney. 

NOTE: The Durham Family Court Staff, Clerk of Court, nor anyone else contributing to the production or dissemination of these forms, instructions, or guidelines WILL NOT BE LIABLE for any indirect or consequential damages resulting from your use of the forms or information provided in this Pro Se Absolute Divorce Packet. 

If you wish to represent yourself, you will need the packet instructions and forms listed below. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS before you complete the forms.

  1. Pro Se Absolute Divorce Packet Instructions 
  2. Absolute Divorce Forms (Print all of the following forms)

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