North Carolina Constitutional Academy for High School Students

Court of Appeals judges to address topics concerning courts and the Constitution covered in AP United States Government.

This online seminar for high school students focused on the Constitution of the United States, the structure of the federal government, and key cases and concepts impacting constitutionally protected rights. The program was designed to address topics concerning courts and the Constitution covered in AP United States government and politics.

September 21 – October 19, 2020. Classes consisted of two 30-minute Webex lectures per week. See the schedule below.

Hosts were Justice Phil Berger Jr. and Justice Richard Dietz of the Supreme Court of North Carolina when they previously served on the Court of Appeals.

Seminar Outline Calendar and Syllabus

1. September 21 – Structure of the Constitution (RD and PB)
  1. History leading up to Ratification
  2. Legislative Power
  3. Executive Power
  4. Judicial Branch
  5. Amendment process
  6. Bill of Rights
  7. Subsequent Amendments
  8. Federalism
2. September 23 – Judicial Review (RD and PB)
  1. Marbury v. Madison
  2. Justiciability & Case or Controversy
  3. Levels of Scrutiny
3. September 28 – First Amendment (RD)
  1. Freedom of Speech
  2. Freedom of Press
  3. Freedom of Religion
4. September 30 – Second and Third Amendments (RD)    
5. October 5 – Fourth Amendment (PB)
  1. Warrant Requirement
  2. What is probable cause/reasonable suspicion?
  3. Exclusionary Rule
  4. Warrant Exceptions
6. October 7 – Fifth Amendment (CD)
  1. Right to Remain Silent
  2. Takings Clause
7. October 12 – Sixth Amendment (RD)
  1. The Right to Counsel
    1. Pretrial
    2. At Trial
8. October 14 – Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Amendments (VZ)    
9. October 19 – Tenth Amendment and Conclusion (RD and PB)